It all started with picture of an oven – 20+ years ago I ripped out of a magazine a picture of a Viking stove with 6 burners, double oven and a griddle.  In the late 80’s we bought a small starter home with 12 acres of land with intentions of adding on. Many years; 2 kids; several dogs and a sub division later we decided to build our dream home next door.

We started slow and out of pocket working nights and weekends. There are SO many decisions and compromises when building a house but the only constant; in my mind; was “The Oven” everything else I was pretty flexible about, the kitchen was OK as long as I had MY oven, I let my husband design the island with little input from me, I picked the materials and finishes but the size and design was all up to him. That’s pretty much how the entire project went.

My new kitchen became the heart of the home and still is to this day. The island my husband designed is the perfect place to discuss, plan and execute some pretty cool meals and the most excellent of conversations.  As the kids got older and more interested in the whole process we got more adventurous with ingredients and flavors; the kids were definitely more adventurous than I but I was willing to try anything.  My Son Alex I think has a mission to see where mom’s limit is. I have cooked him liver, lamb, mushrooms these are some things I had never cooked or eaten before.

This blog and my cooking classes came about with the support and encouragement of my family.  For years, friends have been asking me to either make them dinner or do lessons in my home.  I always wanted to do a blog that included food; classes were never on my radar but have become something I really enjoy. My daughter Abbi is a huge inspiration to me and definitely drives me to keep everything going and on track. She organized my recipes, she helps with ideas, takes photos of my classes and food.  This entire experience has been so fun and very rewarding. I love sharing my food and my stories, and I can’t believe how many people are interested! Thank you so much for your support!


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