Class Information

I love sharing what I know with any and all who want to learn.

I have found that setting up classes and putting them on a calendar was not working for me or anyone else. I very much enjoy having people over and sharing my kitchen and knowledge but will rely more on what you want to do and when you can do it.

With that in mind if you are local and want to create a class; I am open to do this for you. I will work with you and your friends to come up with a menu and pick a night that works for your group. It is most comfortable for 4 people but I have had up to 6, I think I even had 7 one time but it gets a little hectic.

*     Classes are generally $45 per person
*     The initial class you will receive a personalized binder along with all of the recipes             we are making
*     Additional classes you will receive all of the recipes printed out to add to your                     binder

Here is a short listing of classes I have provided
Pasta class
Chicken dinners
One pot pasta
Creme brulee
Breakfast buffet


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