Shortbread thumbprint cookies – Mantecaditos

I made these cookies last week for our #worldwidewednesday family dinner. They were crazy good and I will be adding these; not only to my Christmas baking list but I have plans to make them later today. We have family up for the weekend and who doesn’t need a little treat now and again. The original recipe asked for guava paste but I could not … Continue reading Shortbread thumbprint cookies – Mantecaditos

Butter Cookies – Norwegian Serinakaker

After a couple of years hiatus we had our annual Christmas party last night. I decided to keep it small, which ended up being a really good idea. We had a Friday snowstorm with a foot of heavy wet snow. For those of you that knows what that means is power outages; and lots of them. The dog got me up crazy early Saturday morning … Continue reading Butter Cookies – Norwegian Serinakaker

Ravani – a moist walnut cake

Do you know it’s super distracting writing my blog this Saturday morning. There is a new phenomenon in the house according to my dog. My great nephew; who is 1 year old is here visiting for the weekend. Poor Billy (my dog) just doesn’t know what to do with him nor understand why everyone wants to play him? What about me and my tennis balls? … Continue reading Ravani – a moist walnut cake