Portuguese Braised Pork Shoulder and Clams

I was looking for an older recipe I wrote about before for today’s blog. Reason being is I didn’t really make anything note worthy this past week. For our #worldwidewednesday family dinner we went to the Azores and while we liked everything except for the sausage, it was SO smoky and the texture was not to my liking. So this recipe Portuguese recipe popped up … Continue reading Portuguese Braised Pork Shoulder and Clams

Ham bone soup

It’s beginning to be a bit like groundhog day around here starting our 6th week working from home! At least that is what my daughter keeps saying. We both work for different companies albeit the companies share a parking lot but they couldn’t be more different. We also have different hours but I created a workstation for us both along one of the walls in … Continue reading Ham bone soup

chicken and rice soup with homemade stock

you can’t tell me that won’t make an amazing stock How are you holding up? We are doing well though this morning made me “think” a little differently than my norm. I was about to make french toast and grabbed the dozen of eggs from the fridge and immediately thought; wow that’s going to use a lot of my eggs we should have something else. … Continue reading chicken and rice soup with homemade stock