Turkey Rice Soup

Here’s hoping you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day meal whatever it may have been. If you are traveling today please be safe out there. I am re-sharing this turkey soup recipe back from 2019 because I don’t make turkey soup very often, I think was the last time I actually made it until this past weekend. Here’s why! After preparing Thanksgiving Day dinner … Continue reading Turkey Rice Soup

Cioppino – cod, sausage and fennel

After 28 years working for a local company they decided to let several long term dedicated people go. I feel OK saying this now as I just received my last severance check 🙂 I was a little bitter at first but I have been so unhappy with the twists and turns of the company for many many years now. I stayed thinking what else could … Continue reading Cioppino – cod, sausage and fennel

boneless chicken thighs – bold and crispy

You often do not think of boneless chicken thighs being crispy; at least I don’t. These pack a lot of flavor and a little crisp to your weeknight boneless skinless chicken thighs. It comes together pretty easy and quick. You could be eating in under 25 minutes; that’s a quick in my books.  I served these along side some roasted broccoli and some garlic parmesan … Continue reading boneless chicken thighs – bold and crispy

seafood boil to go – outer banks

We have been spending the week in the outer banks of North Carolina with some friends. Not a lot of cooking other then breakfast has been happening. However I would like to share with you one of our dinners we had the other night. OK Technically we did cook it but we only needed to place an order and pick it up plus add a … Continue reading seafood boil to go – outer banks

Bibimbap using up leftover bulgogi

Good morning and Happy Easter! I woke up early this morning to get my blog done and to also hide eggs for my adult children to find, It is getting harder and harder to find spots they haven’t already found the eggs in years past. Last year I resorted to using tape to stick the eggs to the bottom of things so they couldn’t just … Continue reading Bibimbap using up leftover bulgogi