Harvest Chowder

I shared this recipe a few years ago. I am bringing it back for a few reasons. We technically into soup season with cool mornings and nights and hopefully warm afternoons. What better way to use up a few of the last veggies harvested from your garden. My husband LOVES this chowder and lastly I was crazy busy last week. My BFF KP got married … Continue reading Harvest Chowder

Pasta Swiss Chard with Sweet Italian Sausage

Gardening in my opinion is quite finicky and I find that even doing the same exact thing year after year yields different results. Yes I know weather matters but I plant garlic every fall and this years crop is GORGEOUS. I am SO proud that here is a picture of it. These are the largest heads I have ever gotten. I just pulled them so … Continue reading Pasta Swiss Chard with Sweet Italian Sausage

Clam Boil – Megansett Harbor

Current situation is enjoying a cup of tea looking out over Megansett Habor in North Falmouth. We have had a lovely weekend with family at the Mastria Estate high above the harbor, I don’t believe they call it an Estate but I am. It is old, grand with a private beach and deserves the distinction. This is my fourth visit to their beautiful home and … Continue reading Clam Boil – Megansett Harbor

Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know it’s a little early for fresh corn around here; but it’s coming soon enough! We prepped the gardens but we don’t start planting until this weekend. We have had some crazy frost this year so much so that a few of our trees had their leaves shrivel up and fall off. Not sure what that oak tree behind the … Continue reading Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad