Roasted veggies with 3 sauces – lunch with options

Last weeks blog I mentioned that I was roasting some veggies for some meal prep ideas for lunch. The veggies I chose were some that I had on hand such as parsnips, radishes, sweet potato and I grabbed some brussels sprouts, beets and broccoli rabe. I washed, peeled and diced everything and placed them on a large sheet pan with a little olive oil, salt … Continue reading Roasted veggies with 3 sauces – lunch with options

pineapple chicken fried rice

I will say it is pretty nice that my daughter has been making a couple of dinners a week for the last few weeks. I love cooking but getting a little break here and there is pretty cool. I mean even if I didn’t write a weekly food blog and feel obligated to come up with something new for dinner. Making dinner 7 or say  … Continue reading pineapple chicken fried rice

Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s use today to count our blessings and stand proud! Tis the season to be gardening! Our raised beds are ready for planting, we actually bought a small rototiller and I have no idea why it took us so long. I think we have always thought since they are raised beds we couldn’t use one. We ordered one online; only because they … Continue reading Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad

BBQ steak sweet potato & squash

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! We are living in such a weird time right now which none of us have ever seen before I do hope we can get back to some sort of normal before too long. I am coming up on week seven for working at home. It’s actually going really well I think having my daughter working next to … Continue reading BBQ steak sweet potato & squash

Chow Chow relish – water bath canning

  While it may be the end of summer for some, I am not going down without a fight. My garden is still giving me lots of veggies; it even has finally snapped out of it and we have fresh garden tomatoes. I have made a ridiculous amount of kosher dill pickles. My zucchini plants did not do well this year, maybe a dozen in … Continue reading Chow Chow relish – water bath canning