Pasta Swiss Chard with Sweet Italian Sausage

Gardening in my opinion is quite finicky and I find that even doing the same exact thing year after year yields different results. Yes I know weather matters but I plant garlic every fall and this years crop is GORGEOUS. I am SO proud that here is a picture of it. These are the largest heads I have ever gotten. I just pulled them so … Continue reading Pasta Swiss Chard with Sweet Italian Sausage

Herbed Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Happy Healthy New Year! I am currently sitting at my island writing this on a Friday night, come Sunday when you read this I should be sitting on a beach or maybe by a pool on an island. My husband and I are spending his birthday relaxing doing a whole lot of nothing. I am going to share what I made for Christmas dinner with … Continue reading Herbed Crusted Beef Tenderloin