Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know it’s a little early for fresh corn around here; but it’s coming soon enough! We prepped the gardens but we don’t start planting until this weekend. We have had some crazy frost this year so much so that a few of our trees had their leaves shrivel up and fall off. Not sure what that oak tree behind the … Continue reading Fresh Corn Tomato Bacon Salad

Shirred Eggs – breakfast bowls

I struggle for healthy satisfying weekday breakfast ideas. I go through phases of cereal, english muffins, oatmeal, a smoothie or I will make a frittata and eat a piece every morning for the week. I try to think about eating something healthy but when it comes right down to it I really am going to grab whatever is simple. Which is kind of sad since … Continue reading Shirred Eggs – breakfast bowls

Cioppino – cod, sausage and fennel

After 28 years working for a local company they decided to let several long term dedicated people go. I feel OK saying this now as I just received my last severance check 🙂 I was a little bitter at first but I have been so unhappy with the twists and turns of the company for many many years now. I stayed thinking what else could … Continue reading Cioppino – cod, sausage and fennel