Red Sangria – Simple & Delicious

So does anyone even remember what we did before we could google everything we needed to know? I know in my family if any of us have a discussion and happen disagree wink wink; someone immediately pulls out there phone and googles whatever we were discussing. I guess we must have been SO isolated with our knowledge back then? My husband has gone as far to dub the passenger seat in his truck the “google seat” basically meaning if he needs to know something the person sitting next to him needs to “google it”. 99% of the time it’s our son and I swear he is the fastest googler I know.

I am fairly certain that I have mentioned in the past how I google myself for my recipes all the time.  The other day I wanted to make a batch of Sangria and recall writing a blog about it.  So I type cookingatclarktowers/sangria and it popped up but the recipe, story and pictures were all gone – sad face! I then had to try to recreate it because I KNOW its good; I have had and have also made some that I just didn’t care for. Not all Sangria is created equal. Thankfully this is a recipe that is a super easy and the best one I have ever had. Bonus is you can drink it right away ever come across one that wanted you to wait 24 hours “to meld” umm no thank you!
Red Sangria

1 bottle of inexpensive red wine – you still want it to taste good
1 bottle of Lemonade (equal size of the wine bottle plus another cup or so)
Plum Brandy – 1 shot or use one of your favorites
Grand Mariner – 1 shot – no need to buy a large bottle – buy a nip?
Apple – peeled and diced
Orange – peeled and sliced
Lemon – sliced

In a large enough container combine all the ingredients – I fill to the top of my pitcher with more lemonade add some ice and serve


I had some leftover blueberries – so I added those too!

Chocolate Martini

This is my first time sharing a Martini recipe so I hope you will make it and forgive me for not having a food recipe on this one blog. My daughter told me not to, my girlfriend said why not! So I went with the why not; sorry Abbi
Using a shot glass for your measuring cup this makes one, which who would ever make just one!
1 1/2 Godiva chocolate liqueur
1 1/2 creme de cacao
1/2 vodka my go to is Ketel One
2 ½ milk
Chocolate sauce

Fill your shaker with ice, add all the ingredients and shake shake shake. swirl chocolate sauce around your martini glass and fill with the cocktail straining out the ice ENJOY!

I am not one to make New Year resolutions; at least out loud. I mean I do think the standard get in shape one but that is daily so that one doesn’t really count. I am not a huge fan of clutter yet it seems to be almost impossible to control. There are SO many things that come into the house that stay for sometimes way longer than they should. I will take full blame for most everything that has to do with the kitchen, cooking, cupboards and pantry.

We’ve been in the house 14 years this week. I went from having barely any storage to having what most would consider a ton. It might have taken me a while but I am now over flowing with “stuff” It might have something to do with me loving theme parties, me writing a weekly food blog, or me just loving glasses, dishes, bowls, serving trays, appliances and gadgets, oh so many gadgets.

I have decided that this will be the year of tackling a drawer, cupboard, room or closet one at a time. I figured that wouldn’t be too difficult. I didn’t give myself a time table, I didn’t tell myself I HAD to do this; I figured it would be best to just do it. So far I have gotten through 5 or 6 cupboards and a portion of my clothes closet. In one cupboard I had a dozen or so margarita glasses??! I don’t even like them; tequila and I broke up well over 20 years ago. So they all; along with many other things went to Goodwill. I now I must make a small confession. After I left goodwill, I immediately drove to Pier One and bought martini glasses ahhhhh Life is Good!