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Holiday Rubs

Well so far November has come in like a lamb, that’s not even a thing but we have had some crazy weather here in NH. Last week I wore capris and sandals to work; yeah it was that warm! My co-workers thought I was a little crazy but by Friday I saw several others joining in; I’m such a trend starter hahaha. There was even a semi local restaurant/bar that served dinner out on their patio. So with that being said, it is pretty hard to get into the holiday spirit but there is no time like the present; pun intended; to get some things going or at least start jotting down a plan of attack.


Rib Eye with kosher salt, black pepper seared in cast iron topped with 1Tbs butter and fresh chives


Roasted Chicken with fresh chopped rosemary kosher salt and black pepper stuffed with onions salt and pepper and a sprig of fresh rosemary and lemon slices under the skin

Once you have your list and I am talking about making several types of lists, or at least I do. I try to get a head start on picking up additional baking supplies; flour, sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie mix along with the evaporated milk etc. I bought most of those last month. Also a good time to stock up on paper products as well as I also try to make sure I have a variety of dry pastas, different kinds of beans, and a few cans of Marzano tomatoes on hand, you never know when you might have an impromptu gathering of friends and/or family and you need to feed them all. At least that happens quite often in my home.


This is also a great time to test out new recipes ahead of time; in most cases you know you are going to be making a turkey or a roast beef. A nice way to change it up a bit would be to use different spices or a mixture of spices and herbs. A less expensive way to try it out ahead of time is to try it on a steak or a roasted chicken now. My costly mistake was using truffle butter all over a fresh turkey for 18 and I hated it!


This weekend I had a roaster-chicken in the fridge that I needed to cook so Friday night my husband and were staying in so why not. I generally always throw an apple in the cavity of my birds along with some onions and other herbs and seasonings. I did not have any apples on hand so thinking of what I did have, we used lemons that I sliced up and layered under the skin and we still have some pretty hearty herbs in the garden; we’ve had a couple of hard frosts, just not this month so he went and cut some fresh rosemary, I added a sprig in the cavity along with my onion and Kosher salt and pepper and chopped up another sprig and covered the bird. It was simply delicious!!!

Mix together lemon zest of 1 lemon along with 1 Tbs of each fresh parsley, fresh chives, fresh oregano paprika, and onion powder. 1 ½ tsp fresh cracked black pepper garlic powder, 1 tsp salt and enough olive oil to make a paste. Rub all over and let sit covered and chilled for a few hours before roasting

Garlic Lovers (me too me too!)
In a small bowl combine 1 Tbs paprika, 1 Tbs fresh minced garlic and onion powder, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1 ½ tsp salt and pepper, 1 tsp dry mustard – rub all over and let sit covered and chilled for a few hours before roasting

Au Poivre (French for peppery)
Grind together  1 ½ Tbs of each white, black, and pink peppercorns with 1 Tbs paprika, 1 tsp of each salt dry mustard and crushed rosemary rub all over and let sit covered and chilled for a few hours before roasting

Or a keep it simple and generously cover your meat with Kosher salt and Fresh cracked black pepper as I did with our amazing Rib Eye steaks last night!


Viking Stove – Bedazzled




During – My adorable husband

viking stove 134


Everything needs a little freshening up after a decade of hard work; we have been in our home that we built for 10 years now.  Thankfully it was built by a very detail oriented hardworking perfectionist; my husband; so the quality of material and attention to details that we put into our home has stood the test of time.  I lovingly say that the home was built with his sweat, our blood (I helped where I could) and my tears!  We personally freshen up by vacationing in the Caribbean if not every year definitely every other year.

viking stove 111

Over time homes need a new coat of paint, maybe some re-arranging or updating.  A few rooms recently received a fresh coat of paint; I am in the process of re-designing my daughter’s room from what she picked out when she was 12 to an adult bedroom. Here is a small glimpse of what I have done so far a long way to go but it’s a start.

My Viking stove which I can safely say with good authority has done probably the most work in our home without a lot of attention; other than regualr cleaning I did just have to replace the igniter’s in both ovens; but so far that is it.  I first fell in love with my stove when I saw it in a magazine over 20 years ago. I ripped it out of the magazine and started a file folder of must haves.  Another idea I saw in a magazine 10 years while we were designing/building. Unfortunately I didnt rip it out which I kick myself for; it took me 10 years to get it built but it was totally worth the wait.  If you look at the above photo of my daughters room the bookcase is actually a doorway to a fairly large storage area.  I LOVE it my husband did an awesome job.

When we decided to build; it was actually always the plan when we bought our first home; it just took a lot longer than, at least I anticipated.  I had 2 stipulations to building.  We build a kitchen around my stove and we don’t end up in divorce court. My words verbatim “if I can’t have my stove, I don’t want the house” I fought long and hard and I can honestly share with you; it could have gone either way on both counts!

For those of you who have built their own homes and had a “budget” I use that term loosely; I have yet to meet ANYONE who has come in on or below their “budget” When it comes time to purchase appliances; there is not a lot of money left.  My husband begged me to not buy the Viking, he tried everything in his power to back out of this stipulation, offering to buy me two stoves and put then next to each other; leaving space for it to come later.  I being so damn stubborn put my foot down; needless to say he will concede today that it was a great decision.

While sitting here writing about my Viking it reminds me of the character that was in love with his typewriter played by Greg Kinnear in You’ve Got Mail LOL – I have issues.

Most people when they come over LOVE my kitchen area and of course my Viking; I have had a few people ask if I actually cook like that; trust me I do!  Just this weekend our good friends who spent the weekend with us asked if I used all 6 burners. Yes I do!  A lot of people want to cook on my stove; come on over – since starting my cooking class; many people have now cooked on my Viking.

Probably my most often cooked and family favorite meal is a Roaster Chicken with mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, frozen peas, butternut squash and pan gravy!  My mouth is watering right now!  Here is how I prepare most all of my birds for the oven.

I use kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper and Adobo inside and out – liberally!  I never stuff any of my birds; Turkey or Chicken with dressing.  I always use onions and apples sliced up and placed inside the carcass.  It makes for awesome tasting gravy.  I also take the water from the veggies I cooked and add it to the pan drippings to help make the gravy – I swear by it!