Guacamole & Sweet and Salty Wings for the big game

We are the typical New England sports fans – we watch the Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins – Neither one of us enjoys watching Basketball on TV but we did get to a playoff game once years ago and it was amazing to be in the old Boston Garden, that place was rocking – I can safely say that as we had nose bleed seats and saw the dust coming off the rafters when the fans were jumping & yelling!  So it was pretty sad that the Patriots couldn’t pull off the last win to get to the Super Bowl – the game was super ugly and they definitely deserved to lose – very disappointing!

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Whether we stay home or head to a party I always make some guacamole, this year we are staying in to watch the game so I am also going to make some Sweet & Salty Wings and an extra-large Italian Grinder to cut up and share.  For dessert I am going to make some Chocolate Mousse for the first time.

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Guacamole – Base your measurements on how many avocados you have

4 ripe Haas avocados

1 small onion chopped

2 small tomatoes diced and seeded

1 lime juiced

2-3 cloves of garlic crushed

1 TBS Cilantro

4-5 shakes of hot sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

Chop onions pretty small, dice and seed tomatoes, crush garlic add all to a medium bowl, cut avocado in half remove seed and add meat to the bowl.  Juice lime and add cilantro.  Stir and breakdown some of the avocados – I like to leave them a little chunky.

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24 Chicken wings – tips removed and wings segmented – bake at 400′

I like to bake mine – it makes me think they are slightly healthier…

24 wings segmented

3-4 slices of bacon cooked crispy

½ Cup real Maple Syrup

Kosher Salt



Wire rack and sided baking sheet – sprayed with non-sick cooking spray

Single layer, not touching (they can a little but you want the wing to crisp up) Bake for 20 minutes, turn and cook for another 15 or until cooked through. Place on tray of choice.  Chop up the crispy bacon into small pieces, and sprinkle over the chicken. Heat the maple syrup till warm and pour all over – serve warm, you will need wet wipes of some sort but they are worth it!

2 thoughts on “Guacamole & Sweet and Salty Wings for the big game

  1. The food sounds delicious and yes, I agree with you on the sports. It’s too bad the Patriots didn’t go to the Super Bowl. The game would have been much more interesting.

    1. Thanks – this was my first attempt at the wings, they were yummy I will be making them again! I did not see the game turning out the way it did. I was shocked Peyton couldn’t get his shit together. Very disappointing! Looking forward to Baseball season!!! Go Sox!

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