seafood boil to go – outer banks

We have been spending the week in the outer banks of North Carolina with some friends. Not a lot of cooking other then breakfast has been happening. However I would like to share with you one of our dinners we had the other night. OK Technically we did cook it but we only needed to place an order and pick it up plus add a little liquid. I think the idea is brilliant and I wonder if we could do something with this back home. Maybe there is already something like it; I’ll have to check around.

The company was the outer banks boil company; if you are in the area you should check it out. We ordered the ben franklin – $38.99 / person – here is what it comes with below; copied from their website. Plus we added some coleslaw and a corn muffin a piece. We were not a fan of the coleslaw it was too wet and too sweet but I like the idea of having it as an option.

Our ‘BEN FRANKLIN” includes red bliss potatoes, an ear of sweet corn, spicy andouille sausage, sweet onions and jumbo shrimp all layered and seasoned served with lemon, butter and Matt’s homemade cocktail sauce  PLUS 1/2 dozen clams or mussels and one cluster of snow crab per person.

This was the first time three out of the four of us have ever had snow crab. It was tasty but a lot of work for a small amount of meat. Or maybe we New Englanders are just so used to Maine lobsters that we had a hard time with it. Good thing there were scissors at the rental house. Speaking of rental houses. If you were thinking of planning a family reunion or a girls week; somewhere several people could all congregate this is the place to be. The majority of the homes are on some sort of rental program and most are enormous with many bedrooms and bathrooms. Might be worth checking into.

Their instructions were very clear and everything you needed; minus the shell cracking tools; were included. There was plenty of lemon, butter, cocktail sauce and seasoning. I actually didn’t use all the spices they sent, it was plenty spicy enough for us. I think the only thing we would have wanted more of would have been mussels and you can order more from their website.

I will be coming up with my own seafood boil at some point over the coming summer and seeing if I can have it be just as easy a process.

Sorry for the; just OK photos; only had my Iphone and it’s not a new one.

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