Porchetta – herb pork belly wrapped pork loin

Word of the weekend “procrastination” – I made my “usual” list of things I need to get to. Some more important than others. Out of 19 things, don’t worry some are silly but I write them all down so I don’t forget; or is it more so I can cross them off. Friday night I tell myself to get up and get going early. I … Continue reading Porchetta – herb pork belly wrapped pork loin

boneless chicken thighs – bold and crispy

You often do not think of boneless chicken thighs being crispy; at least I don’t. These pack a lot of flavor and a little crisp to your weeknight boneless skinless chicken thighs. It comes together pretty easy and quick. You could be eating in under 25 minutes; that’s a quick in my books.  I served these along side some roasted broccoli and some garlic parmesan … Continue reading boneless chicken thighs – bold and crispy

Greek Salad

Memorial Day is for honoring veterans firstly but is also synonymous with kicking off the summer season. When people breakout the sunscreen AND the bug spray. At least that is how it is up here in New Hampshire. We start planting our gardens and breakout the patio furniture and grills. It’s also when we start making our favorite potato salad and pasta salad. Hot dog … Continue reading Greek Salad