Vacation to Dominican Republic

Mahi Mahi – catch of the day
Beef Tenderloin

First blog of 2023 and I am setting the bar pretty low for myself. Meaning I didn’t cook anything at all last week to share. I was on vacation at an all-inclusive and only ate and drank all week long.

We are home now and I am looking forward to making something, anything today, tomorrow and the next day. (Update I just made buttermilk pancakes, home fries and bacon for breakfast) While I do enjoy a break here and there and sometimes I just don’t want to be in the kitchen, it really is my happy place I am very relaxed dicing and slicing veggies etc. and love sharing a meal with family and friends.

Focaccia, prosciutto crostini and marinated cheese
French cheese plate
Caprese salad
chicken cannelloni
minestrone soup
tomato salad

My husband and I both mentioned over the week that we really are food snobs. If we ordered something and we didn’t like it we said we would not eat it and order something else. I don’t know how many of you that would be a struggle for but we really did feel bad about it. While at dinner we both had to say out loud as making a declaration; I am not going to finish this. Maybe we were looking for the other one to say it was OK? I don’t know for sure but thankfully it didn’t happen a lot last week. The food was mostly really good only a few things were just not working for either of us.

Since I don’t have any recipes to share I will share from pictures I took with my phone in the low lighting restaurants we ate in last week and I promise to to better with next weeks blog. They had several restaurants to choose from for dinner Mexican, French, Italian, Japanese and a sports bar.

It was a toss up for both of us as our favorites were the French and Italian restaurants. My husband really liked the lasagna – funny story he was really enjoying it one night and the table next to us was a lovely couple who we chatted with the best we could, English was not their first language and English being our only. The husband was not a fan of the “this is not real lasagna” they were from Italy. I found it funny that Italians were eating at a Dominican Republic Italian restaurant. The restaurant didn’t have a chance.

sweet & sour pork
Ramen bowl

Hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2023


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