Sunday Breakfast Brunch

With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend I have a few ideas for a nice breakfast or brunch. This morning my husband threw some bacon in the oven.  I asked what we were having for breakfast, his response was bacon; ummm what else? No plan just bacon, he wasn’t kidding he literally just made bacon. My mind goes to pancakes; he can make or waffles I usually make. I do love sweet and savory. But sitting here playing my word games on my phone and I remember the hashbrowns from a few weeks ago in the freezer and then I think ooooo benedict.

I cheated a little and used a packet of Knorr’s for the sauce. I know not really blog worthy but breakfast was SO good. My husband said the only thing wrong with it was there wasn’t any more after he ate it all. I say that is worth checking out. I use the air fryer for the hashbrowns and the last few minutes added 2 pieces of the bacon to heat them up a bit. Boiled some water for the lovely poached egg and assembled. Super easy even a little one could help make this happen.

I have made a few great breakfast ideas over the years, if I do say so myself. The cinnamon rolls under an hour Homemade Cinnamon Roll under an hour I have made several times and a family pleaser. For something even easier and equally delicious I made a cinnamon roll cake a few weeks ago Cinnamon Roll Cake that will also be added to my, houseful morning after breakfast menu along side my Strata and hashbrown casserole.  Christmas Party Prep – Strata & Hashbrown Casserole.  It is great to have a few staples that are easy to prepare and serve. When you have guest over who wants to spend the whole time cooking?

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