Tuscan Bean and Italian Sausage Soup

If you read my blog fairly frequently you might think I just posted this; I even questioned it myself but they are different soups with similar ingredients. This one I adapted from a recipe I found in allrecipes.com that was submitted by domesticgoddess. It comes together quickly and has fabulous flavor and fits the bill around here. We got over a foot of snow here … Continue reading Tuscan Bean and Italian Sausage Soup

Chow Chow relish – water bath canning

  While it may be the end of summer for some, I am not going down without a fight. My garden is still giving me lots of veggies; it even has finally snapped out of it and we have fresh garden tomatoes. I have made a ridiculous amount of kosher dill pickles. My zucchini plants did not do well this year, maybe a dozen in … Continue reading Chow Chow relish – water bath canning

Overgrown Summer Squash=Delish

This is the first time I can recall picking an enormous summer squash; zucchini I swear grows twice its size overnight and it’s not always my fault, summer squash I believe grows a little slower. I also get how I can miss a green zucchini but a bright yellow squash usually doesn’t get by me. I have never baked a bread or cake with a … Continue reading Overgrown Summer Squash=Delish